Dal 09/03/2017 al 12/03/2017, San Marino
A unique event that brings to the stage the most amazing magic artists and shows available on the international scene. The gala will take place on Saturday 11 March at 9 pm.

Anniversary of the Arengo and Feast of the Militias

25/03/2017, Old Town centre - San Marino
March 25 recalls the Arengo of 1906, which marked the end of the oligarchic period and the birth of a Parliament elected by the people. It is also the fesat of the Military Corps. 9 am-12.30 pm approx. (for information info@visitsanmarino.com)

Investiture Ceremony of the Captains Regent

01/04/2017, Old Town centre - San Marino
The Heads of State are installed in office every six months, during the course of an evocative ceremony that has been staged for centuries according to a strict protocol. 9.45 am. (for information info@visitsanmarino.com)

Feast Day of San Marino and of the Foundation of the Republic

03/09/2017, Old Town centre - San Marino
The third of September is the feast day of Saint Marinus, the founder of the Republic. After Solemn Mass the Saint's relics are carried in procession through the streets of the Old Town. In the afternoon the traditional crossbow tournament is held at the Cava dei Balestrieri, followed by the Military Band Concert, an eagerly awaited bingo event (the famous tombola), a very popular concert and the closing breath-taking firework display. (for information info@visitsanmarino.com)

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