25/03/2019, Old Town - San Marino
March 25 recalls the Arengo of 1906, which marked the end of the oligarchic period and the birth of a Parliament elected directly by the people. Associated with this occasion was the feast of the Military Corps, when the Officer in Command of the Militias reviews all the various corps in full-dress uniform in front of Palazzo Begni and a laurel wreath is placed on the monument to the Fallen. (for information info@visitsanmarino.com)

Investiture Ceremony of the Captains Regent

01/04/2019, Old Town - San Marino
The Heads of State are installed in office every six months, during the course of an evocative ceremony that has been staged for centuries according to a strict protocol. From 9.45 a.m. (for information info@visitsanmarino.com)

19/05/2019, Arrival at Piazzale Lo Stradone - Old Town, San Marino
Giro d'Italia Stage from Riccione to San Marino, Individual Time Trial.  (for information info@visitsanmarino.com)

18/06/2019, San Marino Stadium - Via Rancaglia, Serravalle
San Marino will host 3 matches of the Group C for the UEFA European Under 21 Championship. (for information segreteria@fsgc.sm)

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