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The education system in San Marino is divided into the following stages:
Nursery school, offering early childhood education to children between the ages of three months and three years.

Kindergarten, three years education for children between the ages of three and five. Registration and attendance are free. There are 14 school complexes in the nine townships and one Directorate General.

Primary school, first cycle of five years compulsory education, for children from the age of six. There are 14 school complexes in the nine townships and one Directorate General.

Secondary school was established by law n. 32, August 1, 1963; it is equivalent to the Italian secondary school, is compulsory and free. There are three secondary school buildings in San Marino, hosting pupils from the nine different townships, so that the school population is equally distributed. By law, in each location pupils are divided into six courses. Each building hosts therefore 18 classrooms. School time is 32 hours classes per week from Monday to Saturday.

High School lasts five years and provides different courses: humanities, science, modern languages, management and economics, technical and industrial (only biennium).

Vocational Training Centre provides since 1980 initial vocational education (job training) and second stage training (on the job training).
University consists of the following departments:
Education and training
Economics and technology
Biomedical studies
Legal Studies
Historical Studies

The educational offer consists of:
Degree Courses in Civil Engineering ( ), Industrial Design ( ) and Engineering Management (, masters, doctorates, conferences, specialization courses, publications, postgraduate schools, e-learning courses, summer school.

The website presents the educational offer of each institute in detail, providing relevant links. It also offers lots of information on students' services and the scheduled events.
Educational initiatives are also organized by other bodies or institutions, such as:
• Let's play sport
• Game Room
Nature Centre San Marino
Music Institute of San Marino
State Museums

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