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State Museums provide educational activities, exhibitions, conferences and public meetings for citizens and visitors of all ages, thanks to a great heritage of old documents, archaeological finds, ancient weapons and coins.

San Marino has much to offer to visitors: a beautiful panorama, historical buildings, numerous shops and interesting museums. State Museum are:
the National Museum, located in the historic centre of the capital city, in Piazza Titano;

the Museum of Ancient Arms, located in the Second Tower (Cesta), right on top of Mount Titan,

St. Francis's Museum, situated in the ancient Franciscan convent in Via Basilicius (just inside the first defensive wall near the Gate of the Country);

the Museum of the Emigrant, located in the former St. Clare Convent, in Contrada Omerelli, in the historic centre of the capital city.

The National Museum displays collections of archaeological finds from the first settlements in the territory, coins, documents and objects related to the development of San Marino and to famous personalities who forged its history or came in contact with it over the centuries. The museum also contains private collections donated to the State. Temporary exhibitions are often hosted in the museum and educational activities are organized in cooperation with schools.

The Museum of Ancient Arms houses a rich collection of weapons, from medieval to XIX century arms, acquired by the State between 1956 and 1972. The objects on display, halberds, spears, swords and daggers, battle-axes, rifles, muskets, cannons, armours, helmets and mails illustrate the mastery and the high technology of European armourers. Exhibitions are on display in a supreme setting: an ancient building, erected in the past as a defensive tower. The exhibition route consists of four rooms and shows the evolution of “sidearms” and “firearms”, with exhibits of great historical value ranging from armours, bills and halberds, wheel-lock, flintlock and fuse firearms to the experimental weapons of the 18th century and the breech-loading arms of the late 19th century.

St. Francis' Museum collects paintings and objects of sacred art. It also hosts temporary exhibitions organized by the State Museums Department and other agencies, both public and private.

The Museum of the Emigrant houses a collection of letters and objects belonging to the citizens of San Marino who migrated in the past. The collection includes personal photos, old cardboard suitcases, passports and visas, work permits, audio and video records left by the emigrants. Its activity is supported by the Permanent Study Centre on Emigration. The Museum of the Emigrant was honoured with a special award by the UNESCO.
State Museums Directorate Scala Bonetti, 2 - San Marino - 47890 - RSM Tel. 0549 882670 - Fax 0549 88267 Official Web Site:
National Museum - Palazzo Pergami Belluzzi - Piazzetta del Titano San Marino-4789 - RSM
Museum of Ancient Arms - 2nd Tower (Cesta), San Marino - 47890
St. Francis' Museum - Via Basilicius - San Marino RSM 47890
The Museum of the Emigrant, Directorate and exhibition venue - Contrada Omerelli, 24 - 47890 San Marino RSM - Official Website

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