Formula of the oath of the Captains Regent according to the Statutes


"Giving praise and reverence to God Optimus Maximus, Blessed Mary ever Virgin, Blessed Marino, Patron and defender of the Commune and the People of this Land, and of its curia, District and Peasantry, You, Captains Regent, called and elected to govern the Republic for the six months ahead starting from today, and to continue and finish happily, by putting your hands on the holy Gospels of God, you swear that you will always preserve the Republic and its empire, freedom, dignity, privileges, exemptions and any other right, with your eyes, soul, thoughts and care, and that your mind will only be centred on public good.
With all your strength, you will promote peace and harmony among citizens, of which there is nothing more healthy in a free City; day and night, you will be the most vigilant custodians of this Land and you will care to observe and enforce the Statutes, laws and decrees of this Land, both existing and to be drawn up, and, in default of them, the praiseworthy customs of the People.
You will be favourable and benign defenders of widows, orphans, children and poor people, as well as of Churches, Hospitals and other venerable places, as well as of property, and of their rights.
Constantly, at the usual times during your office, you will sit on your usual Throne to adopt decisions that are equal for all, and you will always act in a way that you judge will be good for the Republic and its citizens".
(Translation into Italian by Marino Fattori, late nineteenth century)


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