Investiture Ceremony according to the Statutes


We establish and ordain that the Captains Regent, who will take office in our popular and free State, on the first day of their office, leave the house early in the morning and accompanied as usual by the citizens, go to the Government Building, where they meet the Captains Regent of the previous six months, and from there, all together, the outgoing Captains Regent in front and the new ones behind, followed by the citizens, go to the Basilica dedicated to St. Marino, which is the most important of our Land, and there, at the main altar, listen to the Mass of the Holy Spirit, and after the usual prayers to God and to our protector Saint Marino, and after the Clergy has sung Te Deum Laudamus and so on, return to the Government Building in the same order, and the old Captains Regent sit at their usual Throne with their Secretary, and near to them the new Captains Regent, with the Doctors and the other citizens and townspeople around in gradual order in the Hall, and once silence has been imposed on all, the best Teacher of schools, and of our youth, or one of his pupils of the upper class, delivers a speech in Latin, to excite the minds of the new Captains Regent. After that, we establish that the Minister reads, by order of the old Captains Regent, the oath formula to the new Captains Regent taking office, so that the latter observe what they have sworn on the Gospels

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