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The right to vote for women was introduced by the Law of 23 December 1958 and was exercised for the first time in the 1964 elections. The right to be voted was introduced instead by Law no. 29 of 10 September 1973, whose Article 2 reads as follows:
"Any restrictions preventing women from taking positions, jobs and public functions shall be abolished.
Women who have become San Marino citizens by marriage may be elected as Councillors after five years from the acquisition of the citizenship".
The 1972 Law, by granting women access to the Great and General Council, also enabled them to become Captain Regent.
On 1st April 1981, for the first time a woman was elected Captain Regent.
Hereunder are, backwards, all women taking the office of Captain Regent with the start date of the mandate:

S.E. Mimma Zavoli
1 Aprile 2017
S.E. Vanessa d'Ambrosio
1 Aprile 2017

S.E. Lorella Stefanelli

1 Ottobre 2015

S.E. Valeria Ciavatta
1 April 2014
S.E. Anna Maria Muccioli
1 October 2013
S.E. Antonella Mularoni
1 April 2013
S.E. Denise Bronzetti
1 October 2012
S. E. Maria Luisa Berti
1 April 2011
S.E. Rosa Zafferani
1 April 2008
S.E. Assunta Meloni
1 October 2008
S.E. Fausta Simona Morganti
1 April 2005
S.E. Valeria Ciavatta
1 October 2003
S.E. Maria Dom. Michelotti
1 April 2000
S.E. Rosa Zafferani
1 April 1999

S.E. Patricia Busignani
1 April 1993
S.E. Edda Ceccoli
1 October 1991
S.E. Gloriana Ranocchini
1 October 1989
S.E. Gloriana Ranocchini
1 April 1984
S.E. Maria Lea Pedini
1 April 1981




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