Township Councils


The territory of the Republic of San Marino is divided into the following nine administrative districts called "Townships":

San Marino City;
Borgo Maggiore;

Each district has a Township Council presided over by a Head of Township Council.
The Township Councils are composed of nine members for the townships with a population equal to or exceeding 2,000 inhabitants, or of seven members for the townships with less than 2,000 inhabitants.
The Township Councils and the Heads thereof are elected every five years by direct vote of San Marino citizens over 18 who reside in the Townships.
The Township Councils perform decision-making, promotional and advisory tasks and functions, and they are also responsible for the management and control of local services. The Township Councils promote decisions of the institutional bodies on general issues or on matters of interest of the Township.

Things to see: one of the many works on the Townships of San Marino, simple and clear, made by pupils of elementary schools The Townships of San Marino
The following is a list of the laws on the Township Councils currently in force:
LAW NO. 127 OF 27 SEPTEMBER 2013 Law on Township Councils (enhancement of the institutional, administrative and social role of the Township Councils)
DELEGATED DECREE NO. 53 OF 23 APRIL 2009 (Electoral Procedures for the polling station of the State Hospital in the elections for the renewal of the Heads of the Township Councils and of the Township Councils and amendments to Delegated Decree No. 117/2007 for voting at home)
List of past provisions concerning the Township Councils superseded by the new legislation in force. The 1973 legislation designed the modern structure of the Township Councils, while the 1925 Regulation reformed the ancient Statutes.
LAW NO.36 OF 23 MARCH 2009 "Amendments to Law no. 22 of 24 February 1994 - Law no. 22 of 24 February 1994 on the Township Councils"
LAW NO. 97 OF 10 OCTOBER 2002 "Amendments to Law no. 22 of 24 February 1994 - Law on Township Councils"
LAW NO. 22 OF 24 FEBRUARY 1994 "Law on Township Councils"
DECREE NO. 23 OF 12 FEBRUARY 1990 "Single Text of legislative provisions on Township Councils"
LAW NO. 112 OF 10 NOVEMBER 1988 "Rules supplementing and amending Law no. 75 of 30 November 1979 (Reform of Township Councils)"
LAW NO. 75 OF 30 NOVEMBER 1979 "Reform of Township Councils"
LAW NO. 36 OF 25 OCTOBER 1973 "Reform of Township Councils"
LAW NO. 66 OF 17 NOVEMBER 1945 "Law establishing subsidiary Township Councils and repealing REGULATION OF 16 MARCH 1925 ON THE HEADS OF TOWNSHIP COUNCILS"

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