Township Councils' Office


The Township Councils' Office provides administrative support to the Ministry responsible for the Relations with the Township Councils with respect to all matters falling within its competence. It also collaborates with individual Township Councils in the performance of their institutional activities. It participates, together with the Electoral Office, in the organisation of general elections by managing the accounting aspects relating to the presentation campaign and the fulfilment of other operational obligations. It also manages the items of expenditure pertaining to the Township Councils and collaborates with the sectors of the Administration involved in the execution of public works in the Townships.
The Township Councils' Office is located in the Public Palace in Piazza della Libertą (47890 San Marino City). It is attached to the Institutional Secretariat headed by Ms. Giovanna Crescentini.
Staff: Isabella Venturini
Contact phone number: 0549 -885827
Fax: 0549-882839

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