Township of Acquaviva







The territory of the Township of Acquaviva covers an area of 4.86 square kilometers. As of 30 June 2014, the population amounted to 2,137 persons, of whom 1,039 were males and 1,098 were females.

The Township Council consists of the Head and 7 Members.

The economy of this Township is mainly based on industry with 324 businesses, operating in particular in the sectors of real estate, information technology and business services (100 businesses), manufacturing (72) and in the commercial field (66).

Acquaviva hosts the public slaughterhouse and the Veterinary Centre, the Dairy Corporation, two kindergartens, an elementary school and a toy library.

There are also some sports facilities such as a bowling green and a firing range located in Ca' Martino. The latter is a cutting-edge facility capable of hosting international events.

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