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The territory of the Township of Serravalle covers an area of 10.53 square kilometers. This Township has a population of 10,662 persons, of whom 5,250 are males and 5,412 are females.

The Township Council consists of the Head and 9 Members.

In the territory there are important industrial and handicraft districts located in Rovereta, Galazzano and Ciarulla. As of 30 June 2014, businesses were 2,447, of which 931 operated in the tertiary sector, 657 operated in the commercial sector and 241 in the manufacturing sector.

Serravalle hosts the best-equipped sports centre of San Marino, which includes the Olympic Stadium, the Baseball Stadium and the Multieventi Sport Domus, equipped with a large Olympic-size swimming pool.
There are also three large shopping malls and some large multi-purpose buildings.
The green areas are the following: the Ausa Park in Dogana and the Laiala Park in Serravalle.
The Township of Serravalle also provides many services, including elementary schools and nursery schools, a modern junior high school, the Vocational Training Centre, a medical centre and a pharmacy, the Nuovo theatre, the multi-purpose hall of Serravalle and the social centres of Serravalle and Dogana with their libraries.

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