Authority for health, socio-health and socio-educational services


Authority for the authorisation, accreditation and quality of health, socio-health and socio-educational services

It is responsible for the authorisation, institutional accreditation of public and private facilities, planning and control of the health, socio-health and socio-educational system of the Republic of San Marino, with a view to guaranteeing safe and effective services and continuous improvement of the quality of health and socio-health facilities, as well as the systematic and planned development of public health and socio-health services. As technical body, it supports the Congress of State.

Seat Via Scaloja, 40 Cailungo - 47893 Borgo Maggiore
Telephone 0549 887030  Fax: 0549 887033


Professional associations
Professional associations group entrepreneurs from industry, business, trade, tourism, agriculture and self-employed professionals. They are legally recognized associations and represent various categories.

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