Coat of arms and Flag




The present flag of San Marino was adopted on 6 April 1862 and is formed by two horizontal bands having the same dimensions: the upper one is white standing for peace and the lower one is light blue standing for liberty. In the middle of the flag there is the official coat of arms of the Republic.





Coat of arms


The official coat of arms of the Republic is surmounted by a closed crown, symbol of the sovereignty. Three green mountains are represented in the light-blue shield. On each mountain rises a silver embattled tower with windows and outlined in black, and a silver ostrich feather is over each of them. A green laurel branch on the left and a green oak branch on the right, with golden fruits, protect the shield’s sides and intersect under its point. These branches are wrapped together by a silver band on which LIBERTAS is written in black capital letters.
Constitutional Law no. 1 of 22 July 2011 has supplemented Law no 59 of 8 July 1974 with technical and graphical details on the San Marino coat of arms and flag. Moreover, Law no. 190 of 5 December 2011 provides for the protection and use of the official coat of arms of the Republic and of other public coat of arms, signs and emblems, through which San Marino reiterates its sovereignty and independence within the international community.

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