Central Bank


The Central Bank of the Republic of San Marino is a legal private entity owned both by the State (70% of shares) and private parties, having unlimited duration and based in the territory of the Republic. Besides playing the role of a central bank, the Central Bank acts as the supervisory authority of the banking, financial and insurance sectors, as well as the monetary authority of the Republic. Its purposes and functions are the following: • to promote the stability of the financial system and to protect savings, to which the Republic recognises significant social value, by supervising credit, financial and insurance activities carried out by authorised intermediaries; • to provide banking and financial services to the State and the public administration also in order to coordinate the management of resources available and financing options; • to provide adequate support to the financial system of the Republic also by providing direction and stimulus; • to facilitate  economic and financial activities by ensuring that the payment systems of the Republic are efficient and safe. The Central Bank is accountable to the Great and General Council with regard to the achievement of its purposes. The bodies of the Central Bank are the following: • the shareholders' general meeting; • the Governing Council; • the President; • the Director General; • the Supervision Committee • the Board of Auditors. The official website of the Central Bank is the following: www.bcsm.sm


Financial Intelligence Agency (FIA)


Established at the Central Bank, the Financial Intelligence Agency analyses transactions to prevent money laundering and financing of criminal activities.
The Financial Intelligence Agency is the financial intelligence unit (FIU) of the Republic of San Marino, entrusted with the tasks of receiving and analysing suspicious transactions related to money laundering or terrorist financing, requesting information to obliged parties and informing the Judicial Authorities of San Marino of facts that might constitute money laundering or terrorist financing.
The Agency collaborates internationally with foreign financial intelligence units in order to prevent and combat money laundering and terrorist financing. It also collaborates with other authorities of San Marino for the implementation of the restrictive measures contained in the resolutions of the UN Security Council and adopted by the Republic of San Marino by decision of the Congress of State.
The activity of the Agency is governed by Delegated Decree no. 135 of 31 October 2008 "Regulations of the Financial Intelligence Agency", ratified by Delegated Decree no. 146 of 28 November 2008.
At the international level, the Financial Intelligence Agency participates in the activities of MONEYVAL and the Egmont Group. FIA Financial Intelligence Agency For further Information visit www.aif.sm


Chamber of Commerce


The Chamber of Commerce of San Marino is a company limited by shares with mixed public and private participation, owned as to 51% by the State and 49% by Professional Associations (ANIS, OSLA, UNAS, USC and USOT), banks ( Banca Agricola Commerciale, Banca di San Marino, Cassa di Risparmio and Credito Industriale Sammarinese) and by the University of San Marino.
As a natural evolution of the Agency for the Promotion and Development of Economy (APDE, founded in 1997), the Chamber of Commerce was established in 2004 by Law no. 71 of 26 May 2004.
Its activity is aimed at supporting and promoting the general interests of San Marino business system by boosting local economy.  It supports foreign companies interested in investing in San Marino, as well as San Marino businesses that want to internationalize their activities.
For further information and contacts: www.cc.sm


Convention & Visitors Bureau


To organise conferences, congresses, events in San Marino, the best assistance and advice is offered by the C&VB.
Officially established in July 2009, the Convention & Visitors Bureau of the Republic of San Marino is a company, with public and private participation, created to promote the Republic on the national and international markets as a venue for conferences, congresses and events in general. To this end, it offers free assistance and advice for every aspect of the organisation, showcasing the best hotels and most qualified suppliers, acting as a liaison with local institutions and providing a guarantee for the most competitive prices and quality of services offered, plus a special support to make every event ethical and sustainable.
Official website of the Convention and Visitors Bureau www.cvb.sm


Consortium San Marino 2000


This is the privileged interlocutor to organise a successful experience in San Marino.
To organise a trip with stay in San Marino, whether a family holiday or to organise and attend events in San Marino facilities, the Consortium San Marino 2000 is a privileged interlocutor, with its 34 members (hotels, restaurants, catering and transport services) and many years of experience in terms of booking and sale of tourist packages and offers connected with San Marino events and initiatives. The Consortium works in synergy with the State Office for Tourism and with the Convention & Visitors Bureau and boasts a strong communication and collaboration network with San Marino trade associations and entrepreneurs, to solve logistical problems and optimize the scheduling of a successful experience full of emotions in the oldest Republic in the world.
Official website with packages, offers and services: Consortium San Marino 2000 www.sanmarino2000.sm


Agricultural Cooperative Consortium "Terra di San Marino"


The Agricultural Cooperative Consortium "Terra di San Marino" was founded on the willingness of farmers, professional farmers' associations and the Government of San Marino to protect, promote and enhance agri-food and rural areas.
The members of the Agricultural Cooperative Consortium "Terra di San Marino" are:Agricultural Producers' Association of San Marino,State Autonomous Dairy Corporation, San Marino Breeders' Cooperative,Agricultural Product Storage Cooperative, San Marino Olive Growers Cooperative, Typical Wine Consortium,San Marino Beekeepers' Cooperative, the State.
The goal of the Consortium "Terra di San Marino" is to build a relationship of trust between producers and consumers, to guarantee the quality of food products, as well as to rediscover the link with the Republic's traditions and the value of rural culture.
The process of food certification is a complex project that starts from an in-depth historical research on rural traditions and on the typical products of the territory. Thanks to the specifications and checks carried out on the entire production chain, both by technicians of the consortium and by the competent public offices, the collective mark "Terra di San Marino" guarantees the observance of specific "technical production specifications" for each product line.
San Marino agriculture is characterised by farms of medium and small to medium size; the focal role of agricultural cooperatives for the transfer, processing and marketing of products makes it possible to maintain an "intense" agricultural activity.
The total area of the territory of San Marino is 61 km² = 6,100 hectares. The utilised agricultural area is 25 km² = 2,500 hectares. www.terradisanmarino.com




ERAS is the San Marino Broadcasting Entity, entrusted with the provision, on an exclusive basis, of the broadcasting service.
Law no. 57/1988 regulates telecommunication services in the Republic of San Marino. Law no. 41/1989 established San Marino Broadcasting Entity - ERAS, entrusted with the provision, on an exclusive basis, of radio and television broadcasting service, through concession of the service to a company incorporated under San Marino law, which is 50% owned by ERAS. This company was established in August 1991 with 50% of the share capital subscribed by ERAS (San Marino Broadcasting Entity) and RAI - Italian Radio and Television Broadcasting Company. This is the SMtv San Marino, Radio and Television of the Republic of San Marino, which, since then, is the public concessionaire of the State broadcasting service.
Law no. 41/1989
SMtv San Marino www.smtvsanmarino.sm


Public Institution for Gaming Activities


The Institution exclusively runs games in San Marino.
Laws no. 67/2000 and no. 143/2006 regulate the running of games of chance in San Marino. This covers games, prize contests, lotteries, lotto, games of chance and ability and betting and is entrusted exclusively to the Public Institution for Gaming Activities of San Marino, an Autonomous State Entity (established with Law no. 143/2006), which operates under the control and supervision of the Great and General Council and of the Congress of State. This Entity is also entrusted with the control of supervision over the management of the activities in the gaming industry regulated by Law no. 67/2000; the development of draft laws and regulations relating to the running of games; the adoption of acts and initiatives aimed at a safe and transparent management of the games and the prevention of socially harmful consequences of game. In this regard, a specific service and a toll-free number were established: 800-788883 (with the cell phone, 12 shall first be dialled).
The official website is the following: www.entegiochi.sm

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