The Republic of San Marino has a particularly favourable geographical location, namely in central Italy, near the sea, with the typical characteristics of areas with a temperate climate and benefiting from a hilly terrain. Pollution, smog, traffic jams do not affect the territory of San Marino. The preservation of environmental and landscape characteristics and quality of life is an issue drawing the attention of the population, who is engaged in a number of awareness-raising initiatives carried out through various associations. The public administration has initiated many projects to improve the management of harmful pollutants and to direct the behaviour of San Marino people towards an environment-friendly approach, also respecting future generations and in consideration of the general problems emerging at a global level. (See the section on environmental policies and competent offices and bodies in www.segreteriaterritorio.sm).

The territory of San Marino is very small (61 square-kilometres). Therefore, it is not easy to maintain the right balance between the needs of urbanization due to population increase, economic and industrial development needs (including in agriculture) with related settlements, and quality of life.
The population is distributed over almost the entire territory, whether in large or small concentrations. The most populated areas are located along the route connecting the capital on Monte Titano and Rimini, and they include Città, Borgo Maggiore, Serravalle-Dogana.
The industrial areas are mostly concentrated in the area of Dogana (administrative district / Castle of Serravalle), Faetano and Chiesanuova.
Farming is practised mostly in the areas of Serravalle and Borgo Maggiore.
Commercial activities are concentrated in Città, Serravalle, Borgo Maggiore and Domagnano.
Many forests and public parks constitute green spaces that guarantee the survival of local fauna and flora and provide citizens with the opportunity to perform sports and recreational activities in a peaceful and healthy environment, with services for children, areas reserved for domestic animals and special fitness trails.



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Legislation on the protection of flora and fauna and of the environment , Energy Saving

Cartography, Land-use plan

Environmental Management Operational Unit - UOGA

Domestic waste - door to door collection

List of kinds of recyclable and non-recyclable plastic

Separate collection of frying oils - list of installations

Insurance for water utilities in case of hidden leaks

Energy DeskSecure energy - Advice to avoid waste and accidents

Renewable energy Tables, forms, regulations, procedures

Customer reading of Photovoltaics



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