The outstanding value of the historical and institutional heritage of the Republic of San Marino was recognised on 7 July 2008 with the inclusion of Mount Titano and the Historic Centre of San Marino in the prestigious list of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.
According to the Statement of Outstanding Universal Value adopted by UNESCO:

“San Marino is one of the world’s oldest Republics and the only surviving city-state, representing an important stage in the development of democratic models in Europe and worldwide. The tangible expressions of the continuity of its long-lasting existence as the capital of the Republic, its unchanged geo-political context and its juridical and institutional functions are testified to by its strategic position on top of Mount Titano, its historic urban structure, its urban spaces and its numerous public monuments. San Marino iconic status is widely recognised as symbol of a free city-state, illustrated in the political debate, literature and arts throughout the centuries... San Marino and Mount Titano are an exceptional testimony of the establishment of a representative democracy based on civic autonomy and self-governance, with a unique uninterrupted continuity as the capital of an independent Republic since the 13th century. San Marino is an exceptional testimony to a living cultural tradition that has persisted over the last seven hundred years…”

San Marino Historic Centre and Mount Titano (UNESCO/NHK)

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